GCBC Announcements and Headlines

GCBC Resolution Regarding HB 1523

The resolution was adopted by unanimous vote of the Gulf Coast Business Council Board of Directors at its Board Meeting on April 12, 2016.


Mississippi Business Journal: Report, Optimism Up Among Coast CEOs, Business Owners

Hattiesburg American:Officials: Growth Slow and Steady

Y’all Politics: Education Bills in the Mississippi Legislature Many Filed, Few Will See Light of Day


Hurricane Katrina 10 years later 2015 vs. 2005

10 Year Benchmark Study of Hurricane Katrina then and now

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Masters Program.The deadline is March 12, 2015. The Masters Program was launched in 2007, bringing together Gulf Coast leaders to act as a regional “think tank” for one year. The 2015 program theme is, “Broadband for the Coast.”


Mississippi Gulf Coast Economic Snapshot

The Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation released an Economic Snapshot focusing on Employment and Sales Taxes on February 6, 2015.

‘One Coast’ Launched for the Promotion of the Region by Mayor Hewes

One Coast is a concept launched by Mayor Billy Hewes for the promotion of the region. A One Coast Logo is also available with no obligation to any who find benefit in the concept and wish to share.

Gulf Coast Business Council Official Statement Regarding Port of Gulfport

Official statement issued by the Business Council | Gulf Coast Business Council Supports Port of Gulfport Restoration Project and its Long Term Impact on the Gulf Coast

Status Report on the Port of Gulfport Restoration Project

Status report on the Port of Gulfport Restoration Project recently released by Governor Phil Bryant, the Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport and the Mississippi Development Authority. Also available a joint press releasefrom U.S. Senators Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and Congressman Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.).

Mississippi Gaming Taxes, Why the Existing Regulatory Environment Works

The Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation’s existing study on the gaming tax issue, Mississippi Gaming Taxes, Why the existing regulatory environment works.

Gulf Coast Business Council Economic Snapshot | Proposed Minor League Baseball Stadium

Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation economic snapshot regarding the Minor League Baseball Stadium proposed for historic downtown Biloxi.

Gulf Coast Business Council Economic Snapshot | Sales Tax Collections

Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation has released a Gulf Coast Business Council Economic Snapshot focusing on sales tax collections.

Business Council Releases Regional Economic Brief
The Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Brief for the first quarter 2012 is now available.  To download the report in its entirety, please click here.  The report includes economic statistics and anecdotal commentary related to employment, sales tax collections, select industry data, real estate, and other information useful to assess the Mississippi Gulf Coast economy.
Research Foundation Releases School Start Date Study

The Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation announced on January 26, 2010,  the release of its Introductory Study of Later School Start Dates in Mississippi.  The study is not an endorsement of moving school start dates back in Mississippi.  The Business Council hopes that educators, legislators, and other stakeholders will explore all facets of the issue in an open an honest dialogue. The study explores the potential economic impacts of moving school start dates back while maintaining the same number of instructional days and analyzes the effect such legislation has had in other southern states.

While the report is an important set of facts related to the issue of school start dates, it is understood that it is not the only information which is important to the dialogue and it is paramount that all other points of view and data points are fully explored in a broad process by appropriate stakeholders.

Port Alliance Encourages Public Membership

The Port Alliance For Jobs and Community Development is a newly-formed group of citizens who support the increase of jobs at the State Port at Gulfport and the development of the Coast Communities which will result from the full restoration of the Port at Gulfport.

Membership in the Port Alliance is voluntary and open to all members of the public who support the restoration of the Port. Download the Port Alliance membership application here.

To learn more about the restoration visitwww.portofthefuture.com.

Wind Pool Study Reveals Impact on Economy    

A study commissioned by the Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation and conducted by the John C. Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University evaluates the economic impact of the proposal for additional funding of $20 million into the wind pool.

An analysis of the study, released by the Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation, states that in addition to attracting commercial investments and reducing the burden of insurance costs to Gulf Coast homeowners, this additional $20 million in state funding will more than pay for itself as a result of new tax revenues to the state of Mississippi. The study estimates these new tax revenues to state coffers at $26.9 million.

Click to view the Executive Summary from the Stennis Institute and the Gulf Coast Business Council’s analysis of the Report.