Committees and Goals

The Gulf Coast Business Council maintains a focus on regional public policy issues, which are critical to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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Communications Committee

Economic Development Committee
Goals: Support continued alignment of economic development policies and activities within region; Increase competitiveness; Support the development of a superior product (infrastructure & quality of place).

Education Committee
Goals: Evaluate existing leadership programs available to our school principles and administrators.  Identify ways the business community can advance leadership competency in our schools and districts; Educate the business community on education related issues and challenges most impacting the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Take positions warranted and advocate for positive change; Build relationships with school leadership on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and also legislators who have the ability to usher positive change in Mississippi’s education system; Explore the Gulf Coast Business Council 2010 Masters Class educational recommendations on “Increasing the educational capacity of the region”.

Government Affairs Committee
Goals: Study impacts of various proposed tax increases in Mississippi, including gaming; Engage local elected officials through outreach and regular GCBC meetings; Monitor shipbuilding industry and transition taking place; Continue to explore school start date issues; Monitor legislative activities in Jackson and Washington.

Insurance Committee
Goals: Continue development of state mitigation program; Collaborative with leadership from Alabama and other states to seek out regional solutions; Educate public on existing discount opportunities available in Mississippi; Work with CODEL to explore federal solutions; Follow up on RAND recommendation.

Premier Destination / Tourism Committee
Goals: Creation of a regional 501(c)(6) Destination Marketing Organization, integrated with public and private stakeholders; Headquarter hotel at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center; Clear vision of targeted tourism segments and construction of value propositions appealing to those segments; Establishment of quantifiable objectives to reach premier status, coupled with relentless monitoring and pursuit.

Transportation Committee
Goals:  Continue to support Port Development and Restoration; Identify regional transportation infrastructure opportunities; Collaborate with Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport on air service issues and opportunities.